Tongelreep National Swimming Centre

From baby and toddler swimming to exercises for the elderly, and from Water Boot Camp to snorkelling. If you are looking for a fun swimming or exercise lesson, the Tongelreep National Swimming Centre is where you want to be. This Eindhoven swimming pool is also home base to several clubs. This means you can also play water polo or underwater sports, or go diving or synchronised swimming here. Water rats of all ages, both with and without a disability, are more than welcome at the Tongelreep. What's more, one of the most innovative swimming centres in the world, the Pieter van den Hoogenband Swimming Stadium, is part of the complex and a venue for large (swimming) events and training sessions of famous and upcoming swimming athletes. Do you also have what it takes to jump into the deep or shallow end?

Het buitenbad en Golfslagbad van de Tongelreep zijn definitief gesloten. Wij zijn wel nog open voor baantjes zwemmen! Vrij zwemmen kan deze zomer in het binnen- en buitenbad van het Ottenbad. 

26 June 2017

Let op: tot en met 25 augustus is baantjes zwemmen in het Ottenbad mogelijk vanaf 10.00 uur i.v.m. de zomervakantie.

14 August 2017