Group visits

The Tongelreep National Swimming Centre is also ideal for group visits. We offer many fun and exciting (or relaxing) programmes for all ages. From the Water Games Circuit and aqua sports to public swimming or a guided tour through Inno SportLab De Tongelreep. There is a special rate for schools and groups of more than 25 people.

Water Games Circuit

Groups of 75 people or more can book a spectacular Water Games Circuit at the Tongelreep. This activity will take place in the 50-metre pool of the Pieter van den Hoogenband Swimming Stadium and consists of various team activities, including ferry, footbridge, monkey ladder, boats race and tow barge. Because we ask teachers and/or accompanying parents to help with building up and breaking down the circuit and supervising the games, we can offer the programme at a very low rate. The swimming pool is 3 metres deep across its entire length. All participants must therefore be good swimmers as safety is paramount during the Water Games Circuit. For smaller groups we offer a special, downscaled circuit. The smaller version of the Water Games Circuit consists of six games: the boats race, the tire race, the swimming and climbing game, the holes game, skippy jump and target practice.

Aqua sports

Tongelreep offers smaller groups the opportunity to experience the latest trends in the field of aqua sports, such as water aerobics and underwater sports, or to take, for example, a diving clinic where a swimming instructor will teach participants the ins and outs of snorkelling and, with the required prior experience, how to handle compressed air equipment. Other possible clinics include water polo and rescue swimming.


Public swimming or a visit to the Inno SportLab

In addition to the Water Games Circuit and aqua sports activities it is also possible for groups to go public swimming at the Tongelreep at an attractive rate. Teenagers and adults can take a guided tour of the Inno SportLab De Tongelreep. The Inno SportLab showcases the latest advances in the field of swimming and how the best swimmers in the Netherlands were able to reach the top.


Group rates Water Games circuit
Group visits from 25 persons Water games circuit € 6,50
Group visits from 25 persons Water Games Circuit + 1 hour rcreational swimming € 7,50

Group rate conditions

  • In order to be eligible for a group discount, you must announce your visit at least two weeks in advance.

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