Frequently Asked Questions

1. I would like to play sports in Eindhoven. What are my options?

You can join an Eindhoven sports club or use the services of a commercial sports provider, such as a fitness centre, riding stable or climbing gym. See our Sports Atlas for an overview of all sports clubs in Eindhoven. 

2. I would like to have my event listed on the Sports Calendar of Eindhoven Sports. How can I do this?

Are you organising a sports event and would you like more people to know about it? Or are you participating in a sports event and do you feel that all of Eindhoven should come and watch? That sounds like something to put on our Sports Calendar!

> Register the event with us!

3. I am looking for a traineeship in sports. Where can I find one?

Sportleerbedrijf, part of Sportformule Eindhoven, coordinates the availability of and demand for traineeships within the municipality of Eindhoven. Every year hundreds of students of the Fontys and Summa colleges get involved with sports clubs and primary schools in Eindhoven and the surrounding region. If you are not studying sports, but would like a traineeship in sports, you are also more than welcome to submit an application to the Sportleerbedrijf. The focus of our traineeships is, however, on sports-related activities.

> I am looking for a traineeship

> I am looking for a trainee

4. I want to rent/reserve a sports facility. How can I do this?

It is now possible to submit a reservation request digitally. Please use our reservation module.

5. What does it cost to rent a sports facility?

Every sports facility has its own rates. There are also different rates for seasonal rental and incidental rental. See our rates pages for all rates.