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Playing sports is good for your health, but most of all great fun. Our mission is to make sure that everybody in Eindhoven is aware of this. From the very young to the very old, whether competitively or recreationally, from playing with a club to individual exercise and from the amateur to the professional level, in Eindhoven we see sports as a lifetime affair. If you're looking for more information, look no further than Eindhoven Sport. We can provide you with everything you need to know. Eindhoven Sport marks the start of a day, a season or even a lifetime of sports. In Eindhoven you have numerous sporting opportunities at your fingertips. And for several sports, including football, hockey, swimming, running and urban sports, the facilities in Eindhoven are top-notch! 

Over the course of a century sport has firmly embedded itself in the DNA of Eindhoven. Ever since the establishment of, among other organisations, the Philips Sports Association on 31 August 1913 – gradually developing twenty branches of sport with seventeen PSV clubs – the city has enjoyed a sound foundation for both high-level and recreational sports. A while ago the municipality of Eindhoven has taken over the responsibilities at the sports policy end of things. On the (inter)national top level, Eindhoven has for many years been a major player when it comes to urban sports, swimming, football, athletics and hockey. But the city also serves as an example when it comes to club-level recreational sports. No less than 67% of Eindhoven's citizens is engaged in a healthy sports activity. By no means should the municipality be given full credit for this, however. Ongoing and continuous collaboration with knowledge institutes and businesses has laid a foundation for a balanced and versatile sports environment for both young and old. In 2011 this approach culminated in the establishment of Eindhoven Sport, an initiative that everyone and anybody who wants to get involved with sport in Eindhoven can turn to. Another example is we also focus on children in primary and secondary education, support for sports clubs and associations and sports education. Through activities and projects connected to these three pillars, Eindhoven Sport is committed to increasing city-wide sports participation. Would you like to know more about this approach?

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Top and recreational sports

Eindhoven Sports has facilities for the professional and recreational athlete alike. Eindhoven is the place where sports and innovation meet and reinforce each other. The city features excellent high-tech accommodations that provide a basis for success, innovation and healthy exercise for everyone. In addition, Eindhoven Sport uses its core capacities to lower the threshold for playing sports, to win trophies and to equip and manage accommodations more effectively.

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Get results by working together

Through this typical Eindhoven approach and the presence of premium sports accommodations, such as the Pieter van den Hoogenband Swimming Stadium and the Fontys Sporthogeschool, we are able to get almost any initiative off the ground. The Tongelreep National Swimming Centre, for example, also accommodates the InnoSportLab, which drives big advancements in swimming through innovative developments. The North-Eindhoven Sports Complex is home to the InnoSportLab for Sport & Movement! This field lab concentrates fully on developing new forms of recreational sports and exercise.